Freedom for Ralph

This web page serves as an information blog and solidarity page for Ralph Kästner. In February 2018 he was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months imprisonment by the OLG Stuttgart in the proceedings „Altermedia Deutschland“.
He was the only one of the four defendants who was sentenced to an imprisonment without probation. This was not due to any previous convictions, which he did not have, but mainly to his attitude, which he neither denied nor disputed.
We hope to be able to support him and his family with this project. An appeal was lodged against the verdict, which was rejected with delivery on 30.07.2019.
This page will gradually be supplemented with information and will provide some background information on the proceedings. Sporadically also news from the national movement will be published here.

Freedom for all national political prisoners! Freedom for Ralph!Solidarity is a weapon and we do not leave a comrade alone!